What are features available for icy tundra advertising?

January 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ FAQ

Icytundra.ca  offers two types of classifieds

1. Single Listing classifieds:  It is the traditional listing like all other classifieds. Suitable for advertisers sell beyond local customers.

Advancing ahead Features: 

  • Front page exposure
  • Category top listing
  • Featured listing with stickers (say popular, Hot, New)
  • Slide show in home page

2. Gallery Listing: No top listing or top keyword required. All listings are linked with world map. One can use all your keywords. But nobody can use your address to hide your visibility.


  • Single listing usually not attractive for for multi-category listing
  • When listing multi products say electronics, clothing and jewelry one may select 3 categories listing.
  • If one make 3 advertisements a clothing visitor will see clothing only. In gallery listing the visitors also see other 2 category products.
  • However we accept maximum 3 categories per advertisement.

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  • Cross border listing. If one sells beyond the border or located close to boder and deal both country customers.
  • A canadian shop listing at United States classifieds is accepted
  • Similarly American shops listing for canadian classifieds.
  • But all listings will stand at the address of the advertiser only.