Is there Icytundra classifieds offer any free submission?

January 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogs,FAQ

Cyber Shopping Mall

  • Icytundra Classifieds has many free offers as below:
  • Membership in all icytundra mall group sites are free.
  • Shoppers do not need to register with any sites. Just shop and enjoy.

Shop 100$ ….get a free listing in icytundra classifieds for one month or directories for one year.

  • Shoppers who buy 300$ in any one shops in Icytundra mall  register as a member and get one month free listing in classifieds or one year free listing in directory listing.
  • Shoppers  who buy 300$ in any one the hundreds of shops in Icytundra mall get one month free listing in Movie TV Ecommerce TV Real Estate TV video classifieds
  • Shoppers who buy 1000$ get a gold featured listing (slide show display in home page).
  • When a member buy a domain or hosting services from Icytiny Domains a free listing is offered. Buy a domain just for 10$ or less and get a free listing for one year directory services.
  • Some of the affiliate offering companies also shall be added.