How to subcribe or get membership in icytundra classifieds?

January 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ FAQ

Subscribing to Canadian classifieds are free

  1. One can subcribe through register menu
  2. Advertsers who like to submit ads can click add listing menu and submit ads.
  3. Your subscription is only applicable for the section of you register. (say buy-sell, business, jobs ………all works as a separate sections)
  4. Icy Tundra group has hundreds of stores, 5 video classifieds,( Movie TV  Ecommerce TV Real Estate TV)  3 general classifieds, directory listings and real estate listings.
  5. For a complete idea visit Cyber Shopping Mall  and start joining the sites you like.
  6. One can join in any number of stores, classifieds, video classifieds and other listings.