Dirt-cheap advertising opportunities

January 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blogs,FAQ

 pets 7  Do you know? Mom is visible in kids listing. Kids are visible in moms listing.  How?  They are in Gallery Listing.

  • Multi post advertising  named ad Gallery Listing is an  excellent choice for the businesses or services who offers multiple services at various locations
  • Let us see how the advertiser reduce the cost
  1. In single listing each advertisement cost is say 30 $. for 5 categories total cost = 150.00$. still it will be displayed in one category.
  2. In a gallery listing you may add 5 products. and buy 2 categories    cost = 50  $.  Dollars saved  150-50 = 100 $. Gallery listing displays entire gallery ads in all listed categories.
  3. It means for adding 10 $ cost  for each additional category.
  4. In single listing say the visitor views (say electronics or clothing) one product only. But in gallery listing the visitor sees all gallery products when looking each category.

Icytiny Team